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AFAA's TeleFitness® Systems Terms and Descriptions
The terms TeleFitness®, Fitness Triage®, Fitness Gets Personal®, Exercise Triage®, Exercise Gets Personal™, Nutrition Triage® and Nutrition Gets Personal™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

What is TeleFitness®?
TeleFitness® is a cutting-edge online tool that allows remote access from virtually any computer to manage an individual's fitness profile and fitness progression with a few simple clicks. *TeleFitness® Internet Software Certification is required.

What is TeleFitness® Internet Software Certification?
TeleFitness® Internet Software Certification is AFAA's unique Internet certification and continuing education course that prepares fitness and allied health professionals on the use AFAA's patented TeleFitness® Information Systems, all while applying AFAA's most up-to-date exercise guidelines and current issues in fitness.

What are the TeleFitness® Information Systems?
There are several unique and patented AFAA TeleFitness® Information Systems available at

1a) Fitness Triage®
Fitness Triage® is a first-step questionnaire that identifies exercise risks. The Certified User (fitness or allied health professional) answers a 32-item questionnaire designed to create a custom profile about a client's personal health and disease status. The system then automatically analyzes the data using AFAA's patented software and displays personalized results for that individual's needs.
First, there is a broad overview of the results using a color-coded classification system:
   Red (Stop)
   Yellow (Caution)
   Green (Go)
The results also show a list of detailed Fitness Gets Personal® articles on topics specifically related to the individual's age, weight, health and/or disease status.
1b) Fitness Gets Personal®
Fitness Gets Personal® is an extensive library of accurate, reliable information related to health, safety, lifestyle risks, nutrition and exercise. There are multiple ways to access the library:
   By completing the Fitness Triage® questionnaire, which generates a list of relevant articles.
   By searching by keyword, such as "diabetes" or "seniors".
   By browsing the table of contents.
   By browsing the glossary of terms.

2a) Exercise Triage®
Exercise Triage® is a questionnaire that identifies cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Based on an individual’s exercise habits and activity preferences, the system analyzes the information and creates an exercise profile of the individual. Individual results give Clients or Corporate Employees a personalized 4-week exercise program based on their abilities, activity levels and exercise preferences.
2b) Exercise Gets Personal™
Exercise Gets Personal™ is an exercise programming tool that creates 3 different levels of a 4-week personalized exercise program, complete with warm-up, aerobic activities, muscle conditioning, flexibility, cool-down and progress goals.
After the Certified User has completed the short questionnaires about an individual's exercise habits and activity preferences, and based on the answers, the computer generates week-by-week exercise instructions.

3a) Nutrition Triage™
Nutrition Triage® is a questionnaire designed to generate a meal plan based on an individual's goals, preferences and tastes.. The Certified User answers questions about the individual's needs, preferences and goals: To Maintain Good Health, To Lose Weight, To Gain Muscle or For Peak Performance. The results generate a list of relevant Nutrition Gets Personal™ cards, which contain valuable nutrition information relating to the client’s nutritional risk factors. For example, if a Certified User checked off “allergies” as a current symptom for his/her client in the questionnaire, the individual would then be given access to the Nutrition Gets Personal™ card titled, “Food Allergies.” By reading this information, the individual may have a greater understanding of some of his/her potential risk factors.
3b) Nutrition Gets Personal™
Nutrition Gets Personal is the newest addition to AFAA's TeleFitness® Systems, designed to generate a customized meal plan based on your client's goals and current health status. This meal plan can be modified by exchanging individual foods to create several different versions of the meal plan.

TeleFitness® Client Management System
TeleFitness® Client Management System is a profile of an individual's results and information from any of the TeleFitness® Information Systems, including the utilization of AFAA's Well-Fit Forms™. When someone uses one of the TeleFitness® nformation Systems, the information is either stored as a profile for future use or, depending on the user's access level, deleted after the first use.


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